Many years ago in an empty field on the outskirts of a small village, stood a young oak tree. The young tree was full of life and curiosity, eager to learn about the world around her. She hoped for a friend to be planted beside her so that she may have someone to talk to during the long winter months that were soon to come. As the weeks passed, the young tree grew sad, for she remained alone in the empty field with no one to keep her company.

One day in the summer, the oak tree woke to find a little sparrow hopping along her branches. The little Sparrow chirped a happy tune as it went. The oak tree had never seen such a beautiful creature before, for hardly any birds flew her way. “What are you?” enquired the oak tree.

“Why, I am a sparrow” Remarked the little bird. “Have you not seen one of my kind before? There are many of us in the world. I have flown here with my family for the first time; they come here every summer to enjoy the warm air.”

“I have not seen further than my empty field” said the oak tree sadly.  “I know nothing of the world that lies beyond it” she added.

“That is terribly sad” noted the little sparrow. “Perhaps I could share my stories with you, I admit that I only have a few in my collection as I am but a young sparrow with much to learn and explore, but I am willing to part with the tales that I have”. So the young Sparrow shared his stories with the oak tree; he told her about the beautiful oceans that covered vast expanses of land, seeming endless. He told her of the beautiful flowers that covered the fields which he flew over. He told her of the Bees that buzzed as they flew from flower to flower collecting pollen. The little sparrow spoke for a very long time, time that felt very short to the lonely oak tree. Soon the Sparrow had to say goodbye to the oak tree; for he had to return to his family.

The very next day the sparrow returned to visit the oak tree. He asked her to share the stories she had, but sadly, she had none to share, for she lived alone. So the Sparrow spent the rest of the summer with the oak tree, sharing his stories with her, until he and his family had to return home to avoid the chilly air that had begun to settle in the field where the oak tree stood.

For the next few days the oak tree felt happy and comforted for the first time in her life, for she now knew something about the world that lay beyond her empty field. Oh how she marvelled at the little Sparrow’s ability to tell stories, she was in awe of how he was able to paint a picture with his words.