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I was born and raised in Cape Town, schooled and educated at Herzlia and the University of Cape Town reading for a degree in Film and Media Studies. I grew up in a book loving household. I was read to every night, which I looked forward to everyday. I remember the exact moment I decided I wanted to become an author. I wasn’t of reading age yet, but I was of a stubborn age which meant my decision was final. It was while my mother was reading to me that I stopped to wonder about how the stories I loved most came into being.

For years I had thought that the books read to me simply appeared on my mom’s beside table as if by magic and that there was no one responsible for their creation. Upon realising that the wasn’t the case and that the literary worlds and the charterers that lived within them were the product of one person’s creativity and skill I came to the conclusion that being an author and being able to bring worlds to life with the lone use of words was the closest thing to magic I had ever known. I have worked in film production alongside exceptional emerging filmmakers bringing words to life .

Through the Keyhole

A Novel

I often wondered what my nosy neighbours said about my uncle Stephen. They spent so much time rallying whispered gossip across garden fences that I was sure the incident had been discussed to exhausting point. I pictured them, sharing uneducated comments and exchanging judgmental looks over the fact that a man, once unfailing dedicated to his family, had up and left them without a warning or explanation. Stephen Ridley was named my godfather the day I was born. READ MORE CLICK IMAGE

The Oak Tree and The Sparrow

A Short Story

Many years ago in an empty field on the outskirts of a small village, stood a young oak tree. The young tree was full of life and curiosity, eager to learn about the world around her. She hoped for a friend to be planted beside her so that she may have someone to talk to during the long winter months that were soon to come. As the weeks passed, the young tree grew sad, for she remained alone in the empty field with no one to keep her company. READ MORE JUST CLICK ON THE IMAGE


A One-Act Play

Having your usual?
Not today, Ollie. We’ve come here to make a change in our personal lives. Why not make a dietary change to fit the theme?
No mayo on your roast beef sandwich?
No, a deeper plunge.
Whole wheat instead of white?
Think deeper, Ollie.
Salad instead of chips?
Sacrilege – how can you say such a thing? Now this looks interesting. Pepper crusted Grilled Norwegian Salmon with a side of ….how do you pronounce that word.
Ollie locates item on menu but can’t pronounce the word.
I don’t know – does it matter? CLICK THE IMAGE TO READ MORE

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Alice through the looking glass

Six years. That is how long I (and the rest of the world) waited for a possible sequel to Tim Burton’s marvel that was Alice In Wonderland. I have watched Burton’s Alice In Wonderland (2010) so many times that I dare say I know the words by heart. It is a stunning film. Tim Burton’s ability to take a rather scary and mad book and film it such a way that the outcome proves to be a visual masterpiece with delights around every corner..... CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO READ THE FULL REVIEW!

the night manager

The Night Manager is a skilfully crafted labyrinth- inside which you will witness collisions of pure evil and morality. Around every corner are new psychologically unnerving, anxiety inducing and pulse racing twists in the plot that will keep you hooked from the moment you start watching. The Chaos,terror and lies that fill Jonathan Pine’s reality, is enough to change the way you see money, people and power.... CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO READ THE FULL REVIEW!

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